Today, I met a aunt who I have been 9 years didn't see her,

we have a good conversation, than she told me she had keep in touch with a lady who the first time when I came to NZ with a classmate what she said about me.

Of course, all bad word. She should be a good edtior to made something not real, also this is not my first time to heard what she told some of friend we knew.

When I listened and my memoried was back.

I guess that time she was changed her mind and began dissatisfied with me, casue a things happened.

One day, homemom introduced her friend to us, her friend was a babysitter and she want to made a flyer to promo her bisness, than the classmate told them she can do it, but actually she can't.

Homemom asked me may I take it, I accept this job, because she already knew I have many years web designer experience that time.

So, may this reason trigger her getting unhappy and began said bad word to me, also to many friends.

This time, the aunt told about something happen in south island, than my memories back again.

That time, if without her to go together maybe a really good timing there. My another friend who came from Japan she is very nice girl, we had a amzing time together, but that 10days trip, Chie and I spend many time to looking for my classmate, because she liked play disappear, and we go around to found her.

Finally, when our trip end, Chie told me watch out your classmate, she had many times to said bad word to other people about you.

I told her, I knew that, but not important for me, I only hope she safety to home. And next time, if I want to traveling to other country only myself without some one to followed.


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